Monday, June 6, 2011


Life is ephemeral
And all that is good fades so quickly
Like embers from a dying flame
The last wisps of smoke dispersing

They tell a tale of a great fire
That lit the night and drove darkness away
And brought warmth to us, the huddled few
But it was long ago and we are frozen and dead

The secret of beauty is its transience
Of true joy, its briefness
And as fleeting hope faded away
I am still here, watching the decay

The maggots of my soul
They feast on the rotten flesh
Of all I ever dared to hope
And the joys of untattered dreams

Damn this place
Damn the memories and the smiles
Is it really better to have had and lost?
Damn those lies.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Never Here

I was never here
The footsteps on the muddy earth
Washed away in silence
And the echo of my last breath
Faded in quiescence

The footsteps on the white snow
Melted away
And the smells and the sights and the scars
All gone so solemnly
All gone

And I was never really here
And the memories and feelings
Were but dreams
That scattered away
Like the ashes that were my life

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let It

The skies weep
For what could have been
And the heavens roar in rage
For that which will never be

All hope is gone from the face of this wretches earth
And only dread remains
And I
I am still here

The rivers of sorrow carry my charred remains
To the great bitter sea
Where I will rest

A great storm has come and past
And the crows feast on the carrion
Of everything that could have been
But will never be.

The great fire will consume us all
Let it come
Let it come!


Force yourself to smile
And nod to them
And be friendly and be polite and be respectful
Look at what they've done to you

And then they'll say you're a good man
And they'll say you're a good friend
And you'll be one of them... Almost
Look at what they've done

but the beast is growing hungrier inside
And the bars are getting rusty
How much longer will the cage of lies hold?
Look at what they've done and see

All the dreams and hopes lay shattered
They all burnt to ashes when you learned the true
There's nothing here for you, no one has your back
Look and see what has become

You've come face to face with the raging beast
The prison collapsed and with it
The hollow form of a man that you've become
Look now and see what is going to happen

Just look